See the chart below to learn what voting machines are currently certified in your state to the best of our knowledge. These are systems that can be purchased in your state, as well as systems currently in use. Many systems currently in use are very out of date and are no longer on the market.

For information on the type of equipment currently being used in each state (optical scanners or touch-screen machines), you can check out Verified Voting’s Verifier.

If there is no link for your state, it means the information is not currently available – but we’re working on filling in the gaps.

State: Machines / Link: Confirmed by: Retrieved:
Alabama Unavailable Awaiting response
Alaska Optical scan Accuvote, TSX ( for accesibility); Current systems are certified Verified Voting
American Samoa Paper ballots only Lealofi Uiagalelei and Meleisea Vaitoelau Filiga at Elections Office of American Samoa  5/15/18
Arizona AZ Secretary of State Eric Spencer, Election Director
Arkansas AK Secretary of State
Requires new voting systems to be certified by the EAC and State Board of Elections
Leslie Bellamy, Director of Elections 5/8/18
California CA Secretary of State Jana Lean, Chief of Elections 5/4/18
Colorado CO Secretary of State
Map of machines by county
Judd Choate, Director of Elections 5/4/18
Connecticut LHS Associates, Accuvote Optical Scan, Model 1.96.6 Peggy Reeves, Director of Elections 5/4/18
Delaware DE Office of the State Election Commissioner Elaine Manlove, State Election Commissioner 5/4/18
Dist. of Columbia DC Board of Elections
Florida FL Department of State
List of machines by county
Linda Hastings, Chief of Bureau of Voting Systems Certification 5/9/18
Georgia Unavailable Awaiting response
Hawaii Same as Election Assistance Committee (EAC) Office of the Chief Election Officer of Hawaii 5/7/18
Idaho ID Secretary of State Tim Hurst, Election Director 5/4/18
Illinois IL Board of Elections Steve Sandvoss, Executive Director of Elections
Indiana IN Secretary of State Brad King and Angela Nussmeyer, Co-Directors of Elections
Iowa IA Secretary of State Ken Kline, Deputy Commissioner of Elections
Kansas Currently holding hearings, in the process of certifying 3-4 different voting systems Bryan Caskey, Election Director 5/4/18
Kentucky KY State Board of Elections Jared Dearing, Executive Director of Elections
Louisiana LA Secretary of State:
1. Early Voting
2. Election Day
3. LA Certification Standards
Meg Casper Sunstrom of the Office of Commissioner of Elections 5/8/18
Maine ES&S models certified in state Julie Flynn of Maine Department of State 5/4/18
Maryland MD State Board of Elections Linda Lamone, Administrator of Elections
Massachusetts Accuvote, Optech and most recently, ImageCast and DS200 as per EAC and MA State Standards Deb O’Malley, MA Election Official 5/8/18
Michigan MI Secretary of State Sally Williams, Director of Elections
Minnesota MN Secretary of State Gary Poser, Director of Elections
Mississippi MI Secretary of State Kim Turner, Senior Attorney – Elections Division
Missouri MO Board of Elections Chrissy Peters, Director of Elections 5/9/18
Montana MT Secretary of State Dana Corson, Election Director
Nebraska ES&S M650, M100, DS850, Automark machines certified Wayne Bena, Esq., Deputy Secretary of State
Nevada NV Secretary of State Wayne Thorley, Deputy Secretary for Elections
New Hampshire NH Secretary of State Anthony Stevens, Assistant Secretary of State
New Jersey NJ Department of State – Division of Elections Robert F. Giles, Director of Elections
New Mexico Unavailable Awaiting response
New York Dominion ImageCast, ES&S DS200, ES&S Automark Todd Valentine and Robert Brehm, Co-Directors of Elections
North Carolina NC State Board of Elections Kim Strach, Executive Director of Elections
North Dakota ES&S M100, AutoMark (certified) John Arnold, Director of Elections
Ohio OH Secretary of State:
1. List of certified machines
2. Map of machines by county
Patricia Wolfe, State Election Administrator
David Bowling, Elections Counsel at Office of OH Secretary of State
Oklahoma Hart Intercivic A-T Scanners
Oregon  Vote by mail N/A
Pennsylvania PA Department of State
Certification reports – Secretary of Commonwealth
Michael Moser, PA Deputy Commissioner of Elections  5/8/18
Puerto Rico Dominion Voting Systems ImageCast Evolution (ballot marking device) system; post-election audits Nicolas Gautier Vega, President of Elections Commission  5/15/18
Rhode Island ES&S DS200 (certified and used by the entire state) Rob Rock, Election Official
South Carolina SC Department of Elections Marci Andino, Executive Director of Elections 5/8/18
South Dakota SD Secretary of State Kea Warne, Deputy Secretary of State
Tennessee TN Secretary of State Mark Goins, Coordinator of Elections  5/8/18
Texas TX Secretary of State Keith Ingram, Director of Elections
Utah UT Board of Elections Derek Brenchley, Election Official  5/8/18
Vermont Accuvote OS
Virgin Islands DS200 & ExpressVote by ES&S; risk-limiting audits
Certification same as Elections Assistance Committee (EAC)
Office of the Supervisor of Elections  5/7/18
Virginia VA Department of Elections Chris Piper, Virginia Elections Commissioner
Washington WA Secretary of State (Vote by mail) Lori Augino, Director of Elections
West Virginia ES&S EVS (most recent),,; ES&S iVotronic; ES&S ExpressVote Donald Kersey, State Elections Director and Deputy Legal Counsel 5/7/18
Wisconsin WI Elections Commission Meagan Wolfe, Administrator
Wyoming WY Secretary of State Jennifer Trabing, Election Policy and Planning Analyst at WY Secretary of State’s Office 5/11/18