Take Action Against Internet Voting Expansion

Internet voting carries significant risks to the integrity of our elections. Help us safeguard our democracy by opposing internet voting expansion in these states.

Reputable federal entities responsible for cybersecurity and elections, including the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, EAC, NIST, FBI, and DHS, have all asserted that internet voting cannot be conducted securely at this time. The risk of potential hacking, manipulation, and data breaches is a major concern.

Email your state’s Chief Election Official or Secretary of State and let them know you oppose internet voting. 

Here are some of the states where internet voting bills are currently being proposed: 


Issue: AB299 seeks to institute internet ballot return for military voters and requires identification of military voters for voting absentee, including some burdensome requirements on both clerks and military voters. 

Action Needed:


Issue: House Bill 4210 seeks to expand electronic ballot return for military voters and their spouses, which could open the door to broader internet voting initiatives.

Action Needed:

Washington State

Issue: House Bill 1475 seeks to increase access to returning ballots electronically, potentially laying the groundwork for expanded internet voting.

Action Needed:

Remember: Internet voting poses significant cybersecurity and transparency challenges that could jeopardize the accuracy and security of our elections. Your active involvement is crucial in safeguarding the integrity of our democratic process.


Volunteer as an Election Worker:

  • Election workers (or as we call them “heroes”) are the backbone of our democracy and by volunteering you can assist voters in casting their ballots safely in-person, tracking online disinformation, and more.

Sign up today to volunteer as an Election Worker and become a hero today. 


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