Support Election Security 

Volunteer as an Election Worker:

  • Election workers (or as we call them Heroes) are the backbone of our Democracy and by volunteering you can assist voters cast their ballots safely in-person, track online disinformation, and more.

Sign up today to volunteer as an Election Worker and become a Hero today. 


California’s SB 1480 would be disastrous for the state’s election system:

  • The bill would allow California voters to submit their ballot via fax.
  • This would open the election system up to attacks from bad-faith hackers who could change, add, or delete votes.

If you live in California email your state Senator to tell them to remove fax ballot submission from SB 1480.


DC’s City Council is considering legislation that would create an internet voting option for the 2024 Presidential Election:

  • The bill would allow DC voters the option to vote from their smartphones.
  • This would repeat the same failed project the District tried back in 2010, when they tried to establish an internet voting system that was found to have numerous security concerns and was scrapped days before launching. 

If you live in DC sign the petition to tell the DC Council to oppose internet voting.


The Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act would improve election security by: 

  • Requiring the use of paper ballots 
  • Encouraging risk-limiting audits that would increase the security of our elections
  • Funding tech upgrades that truly improve security and staffing the training to maintain secure voting systems
This bill is crucial to upholding our democracy and ensuring fair and secure elections for all.
EmailyourU.S. Senatorsnowandurgethemto supporttheFreedomtoVote: John R. LewisAct.

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