Voting machines at risk:

Right now, the next set of guidelines for what’s considered a secure voting system in the U.S. are being written by the Election Assistance Commission (EAC) — but the guidelines don’t prohibit voting machines from connecting to the Internet.

The FBI and Department of Homeland Security have confirmed that our foreign adversaries have targeted election networks in all 50 states with cyberattacks.

The EAC must take these warnings seriously and pass guidelines that ban wireless modems and Internet connectivity in voting systems.

Email the EAC now.

Tell them to make sure voting machines are not able to connect to the internet

In your State:
$380 million was approved in the most recent federal budget, but we need your state lawmakers to make sure that funding goes to securing our elections. We also need to make sure that states provide additional funds to secure our elections systems.

Email Your Governor and Ask Them What Measures the State is Taking on Election Security

In your County:
Winning more secure election systems starts from local alliances of election officials and voters like you working together for voter-verifiable voting systems with paper backup and solid audit laws that can catch hacks and errors.

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