Election Security Auditing – 60 min, Stephanie Singer is an independent consultant, expert in elections, technology and communication. Learn how to observe an audit in your best way!

Better Safe Than Sorry Recovery Planning – 72 min, Counsel for the Brennan Center’s Democracy Program Liz Howard and South Carolina Election Official Rokey Suleman II

The Threat to U.S. Elections – 5 min, University of Michigan Professor & Verified Voting Technology Fellow, Alex Halderman

TEDx Talk by Professor Andrew Appel – Why Internet Voting can Never be Secure – 20 min.
A great primer on election security.

I Voted? Trailer (2016) – 2 minutes An exploration into the insecure electronic voting machine system. Rent full film for $4.99).

New York Times and Verified Voting – (4 minutes) Watch as Verified Voting specialists collaborate with the New York Times to show just how insecure these voting machines are.

Center for American Progress’ Election Security in All 50 States Event