In the midst of the COVID19 pandemic, people should not have to choose between protecting their health and exercising their right vote in the 2020 election.  

Having the option to vote from home using paper ballots mailed to each eligible voter in concert with expanded early and in-person voting options will help keep people healthy and voting.

Though thirty three states allow voters to vote absentee without an excuse. But, only 5 states regularly conduct all elections via mail-in ballots with some in-person options.

In order to provide mail-in options to all voters, most states will have to massively ramp up their mail voting programs, and in some states they’ll need to expand early voting to make voting safer.

States urgently need significant funding NOW to allow people to vote safely in the 2020 primaries and general elections. 

Act Now: Call your U.S. Senator(s) and ask them to make $4 billion available to the states in 2020 to massively ramp up safer voting options for 2020. 

Call 888-415-4527 and you’ll receive additional talking points before being connected to the U.S. Capitol. 



  • Learn more about vote-at-home balloting at
  • Verified Voting: COVID-19 election security recommendations
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  • Historical Impact on voter turnout: “Three of the four Vote at Home States – Colorado, Oregon, and Washington – ranked in the top ten in turnout [2018 midterm]. These states send all registered voters their ballot two or more weeks in advance and provide secure and convenient options to return it.” Read the full report.
  • View your state’s latest vote-by-mail updates for your upcoming election at here.
  • Here for specific information on mail-in voting statues by state.
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