Steps to Secure Our Elections

1. Hold an election security discussion/event: Host a meeting at your house or a nearby coffee shop, library or restaurant, or hold a formal conversation within your current organizing group. Show a short video or use a guest speaker to educate everyone on the problem and solutions.

2. Learn about your current voting system: Figure out who your local elections officials and how are they selected? Determine the steps your community takes to secure elections: voter-verified paper ballots, audits after the election to check the machine count, etc.

3. Build relationships with local election officials: Determine what can your group do so election administrators feel supported by your work. Figure out what you can do to assist administrators in calling for more funding, better machines, and election security legislation.

4. Create and execute a campaign plan: With all the information you have gathered create a plan to advocate for secure voting systems, funding for more secure voting system, better audit laws, or purchasing the best machines.

5. Win and spread the word: One of the most forgotten pieces is to spread the word when you win, so that other election administrators in nearby communities start to feel the pressure!